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The Bolsa de Ciutat Vella is the largest marketplace for holiday rental property licence transfers in Ciutat Vella (known as HUT licences). The Bolsa the Ciutat Vella acts as a meeting point for licence owners to help them become compliant with the district regulation and Special Tourist Accommodation Plan.

A marketplace to buy and sell tourist accommodation licences

Thanks to our experience in holiday rental property licences, the marketplace offers a safe environment for owners to trade their licences. The Bolsa de Ciutat Vella was created to allow owners to buy and sell these licences securely and efficiently.

A service designed to help landlords

Bolsa de Ciutat Vella speeds up the admin and paperwork that owners need to fill out to buy or sell their HUT property licences in the Ciutat Vella district.

Urban planning tourist accommodation regulation comes into force on 24 July 2019. What will happen then?

On July 24 2019, the six-year deadline to validate tourist accommodation licences granted for private properties in Barcelona will expire.

By this date, any tourist licences for properties within residential buildings will no longer be valid, unless the entire development is re-classified as a non-residential property. Tourist or short-term lettings for properties outside this development will therefore be illegal.

What can landlords do?

Tourist licences in this situation need to be transferred to a qualifying property. Bolsa de Ciutat Vella is the best place for this.